What makes us tick, what sets us apart from the rest?

Providing Marketing and Promotions…not just Promotional Products in the Health, Wellness and fitness Industries since 2007!

Our Mission:

Xperience Promotions’ mission is to nurture creativity and inspire ideas that assist you in sharing your brand or products with your specific target market. Therefore, allowing your prospects and clients to Xperience the product or service that you created to fulfill their need.

Why Xperience?

At Xperience Promotions we understand that promotional product distributors are a dime a dozen with access to all of the same suppliers and products at essentially the same price. So what is it that sets Xperience Promotions apart from the others?

1.the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc.
2.an intended or desired result; end; aim; goal.

After all, did you really come here to simply get 1,000 pens (or) are you looking to increase your sales, awareness, prospects, retain or gain employees? …and in the end, the quality of the item, your imprint and the representation of your company, delivery and customer service matter. Are you willing to leave this to an online store or catalog?

We go beyond promotional products, we help discover the purpose behind the product. In fact, you might say this is OUR PURPOSE.

Someone has to be the .99 cent store or place that is happy to sell “junk” at a really low price, But We are not it. Anyone can sell you 1,000 stress balls dirt cheap and if that is what you are looking for, you can google the hundreds to choose from that will be happy to do so. But, do you really need 1,000 stress balls (or) are you looking to increase your sales, improve your brand, convert prospects into clients, improve employee relations, or reward your staff?
It is not our focus to simply sell you a product…we want you to achieve your final desired result, and Promotional Products should be used as a tool to do just that.

If you are an avid runner, you don’t simply shop for the cheapest running shoes…you have your gate checked and get shoes that best fit you and your running style. If you are an avid cyclist, you don’t simply shop for the cheapest bicycle…you get one with a frame that fits your specific need and have it fitted to your body. In both cases you will likely build a relationship with the expert who helped you get the best product and service for your long term benefit.

Well, now you can Xperience that same relationship with your Marketing and Promotions expert. We don’t seek to provide you with the cheapest product to give-away. That would be a HUGE DISSERVICE to you and your company. Although you may feel you are saving money, you could actually be throwing it away on “junk” that ends up in the “FREE BOX” at a garage sale and this certainly does not help you, your message or your brand.

Simply put…you want results and we want to help you get those results, not just sell you a coffee mug…

…We want to build a long lasting relationship that matters, we care…and we might just change things together.