Stride 3

Stridemob Events Crushing the Local Event Scene

Stridemob Events

Photo by Nick Lucy

Passion, serious amounts of energy, and their love for community, that’s what drew these two moms together to build Stridemob Events. Sarah Pirlot and Jeanie Brevoort met while serving on the board of directors for a local triathlon club. After spending a few years planning, organizing, putting on events, and encouraging members of the triathlon club, an opportunity to produce a trail running race was presented to them. “With a few bottles of wine and the excitement of the opportunity, StrideMob was born!”, says Pirlot.

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Two Men with Bikes

Elephant Rock Cycling Festival Roars into Fourth Decade: part 1

The foundation and fun behind the Elephant Rock Cycling Festival’s long run

Scot Harris can’t imagine doing anything else for a living. For the many thousands of cyclists at all levels who have relied on his organized outings for scenic riding and fun with friends, that’s a very, very good thing.

Elephant Rock Cycling FestivalThis year Harris is recognizing 30 years of putting on a Colorado biking tradition, the Subaru Elephant Rock Cycling Festival. The 2017 edition will roll out Sunday, June 4 in Castle Rock.

“It always amazes me that I’ve made a living doing this for 30 years, doing something that I love,” Harris said during an exclusive interview for Xperience Sports. “I definitely feel lucky that we started when we did. I think so much of the Elephant Rock’s (aka: ERock) success was timing, and having so much fun with it.” He chuckled as he added, “So I’m 100% unemployable at this point.”

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Children Standing

Meet Marty Bussie, founder of PR Youth Running

Although Marty ran middle school and high school track and was always committed to the volleyball and basketball teams, she felt she had to struggle just to fit in. “I never received the coaching I so desperately needed, so I was left in the dust of my teammates. I didn’t have a strong passionate coach that was willing to help me fine tune any of my skills. So, I wasn’t ever treated as part of the team, but I refused to quit”, explains Marty. “My parents taught me to always finish what you start, So I never gave up”.

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