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The Value of Promotional Products

As promotional Products marketing professionals, we know the value of promotional products. It’s what keeps us focused on our goals and our business growth. But are you aware of this value? Today we are sharing some of the facts:

  1. Promotional Product Vs. Print:
    A recent study showed that respondents’ ability to recall the name of an advertiser on a promotional product they had received was 88 percent compared to the recall rate of a print advertiser, which was 53.5 percent.
  2. Response Rates:
    Promotional products can boost response rates by as much as 75 percent, according to a Baylor University study.
  3. Longevity of Recall:
    Almost 40 percent of people who received a promotional product could recall the name of the advertiser as long as six months after they received it. (Schreber & Associates study).
  4. Usefulness:
    Eight in 10 consumers own promotional products, keeping them for more than a year in their kitchen (91%), workspace (74%), bedroom (55%) and in pockets or purses (24%) because they are useful.

As you can see, the studies and numbers are showing the incredible value that promotional products have. And with budgets allocated towards print advertisement that you cannot track or verify who (if anyone) has seen or been prompted by this advertisement, the obvious effect of promotional products becomes more evident. We do not know what the next social media “thing” will be nor do we know what google’s secret SEO algorithm is (or when it will change). However, we do know that the tried and true advertising/marketing tool known as the Promotional Product has been working for large corporations and small business alike since the commemorative buttons that date back to the election of George Washington (the first known promotional product in the Untied States).