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Why is Vector Art Important to the Quality of Your Product?

There are two types of art files – raster images and vector images. An example of a rasterized image is a photograph which is made up of thousands of little colored dots. The more dots you have, the cleaner and crisper the photo or art. But if you make that artwork large, or if there are not a lot of dots per inch, the quality will be poor (simply zoom in and you will see). You’ll see the dots themselves rather than the picture and the image will be “pixelated”.

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Promotional Material

25 Facts About Promotional Products

Were you aware of these 25 Facts About Promotional Products and the impact they can have on your brand, message or marketing efforts?  These fun facts may make you think twice about where you direct your marketing dollars to get the greatest return on your investment:

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Green Bags and Shirts

The Value of Promotional Products

As promotional Products marketing professionals, we know the value of promotional products. It’s what keeps us focused on our goals and our business growth. But are you aware of this value? Today we are sharing some of the facts:

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